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Under produktion

In Swedish

  The Tree Lover  
  Sweden, 2008, 75/58 min, 1:1.76 Colour, Stereo  
  Director: Jonas Selberg Augustsén  

In our time of urban rootlessness, the tree is a symbol of something grounded, a place for us to return.



Jonas Selberg Augustsén, Anders Tyrland, Andreas Norin, Göran Greider, Stefan Edman, Anja Hirdman, Cay Bond, Martin Lönnebo, Owe Wikström, Gunvor Augustsèn, Lisbeth Sehlberg Augustsén, Ingemar Sehlberg, Kerstin Sehlberg, Nils Göran Henriksson, Seved Lundström, Christofer Murray, Lars Ulvenstam

  Director, script Jonas Selberg Augustsén  
  Producer Freddy Olsson  

Andreas Norin, Harry Tuvanen

  Additional Cinematography

Jonas Selberg Augustsén, Martin Högdahl, Anna Selberg, Anders Tyrland


Anders Tyrland

  Ediiting Consultants

Lena Runge SFK, Michael Leszczylowski SFK


Emil Svanägen, Håll Mig (Slightly Longer Untitled Track)
Lower Your Head, The Great Lake, Your Time Has Come,
Hold Me Longitud/latitud, Over The Mountain,
Last Night I Dreamed Of You, The Battle Of Trinidad And Tobago, Shivering Green, En Ny Morgon För Världen,
Life Has Been This Low.
Sten Carlberg
Sommar, Sommar, Sommar
Courtesy Of Peermusic Ab
Å ke Jelvings Orkester
Recording Courtesy Of Sveriges Radio

  Still Photos

Tidningen Skogen
Gunvor Augustsén
Sune Jonsson
Courtesy Of Västerbottens Museum
Anders Johnson
Courtesy Of The Johnson Family
Svante Lundgren
Courtesy Of The Lundgren Family
George Oddner
Courtesy Of The Oddner Family
Valfrid Enberg
Courtesy Of The Enberg Family
Ernst Manker
Courtesy Of Nordiska Museet
Axel Hamberg
Courtesy Of Nordiska Museet
Lütfi Özkök

  Sound Editing

Jan Alvermark, Anders Tyrland

  Sound Mix Owe Svensson Studio 24  
  Film Laboratory

Nordisk Film Postproduction

  Film To Video

Berndt Frithiof STO.PP


Marius Dybwad Brandrud

  Grader Ulf Nordin  

Produced by Bokomotiv – Freddy Olsson Filmproduktion in co-operation with
Filmpool Nord – short and documentary commissioner Sirel Pensaar-Miell and Sveriges Television Nord – Hans Lindeberg. With support from Svenska Filminstitutet – documentary commissioner Tove Torbiörnsson.


In our time of urban rootlessness, the tree is a symbol of something grounded, a place for us to return. The members of our film crew originate from the north of Sweden but moved away to the south, a thousand kilometres away. Just like so many other people, they can’t find peace and tranquility in the big city; they’re nostalgic for the unspoilt nature up north. They take a trip back home, however, and there they decide to realize their dream: to build a tree house 14 meters up in a pine tree, above a beautiful river valley.
The director, the photographer and the sound technician set to work. As they proceed, they discuss building techniques and practical matters, not without humour, but they also delve deeply into life’s great questions. During this summer of tree-house construction, they – and we – learn about the role of the tree in theology, philosophy and mythology.
An author, a philosopher, a biologist, a psychologist, a theologian and other knowledgeable people become involved in the project. Old friends who have stayed on in the old surroundings, however, don’t respond as positively; they simply can’t understand why anyone would want to return to live in the country. They value urban pleasures more.
‘‘ The Tree Lover” is both a journey towards our roots and a practical example of how important it is for each one of us to create a place for ourselves where we can feel at home.
Hic locus santcus est.